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What We Do

Welcome to Sahara Sheesha Lounge, Kansas City's House of Middle Eastern Hookah. Enter our lounge and be immersed in an authentic Egyptian experience. Relax in our luxurious interior, from our bamboo chairs and comfortable couches to our handmade hookahs and rugs, all of which, are imported from Egypt.



Ohhh Sahara. I had such high expectations of you when I read a review that converted a hookah frequenter to your lounge. Oh how I was not disappointed.

Having just moved into the area a couple of months ago, my gf and I took a look at the available options, and decided to give this place a shot based on the amazing review it had. Let me tell you, it deserves many more like it.

Jake C.

This place is awesome. Went here 2 nights in a row. The hookah was great, lasted 2 hours, been to other places in KC, will not mention names, but the hookah got harsh in 30-40 mins.


At this point, I'm fully converted to Sahara and probably addicted to the hookah. Do I have a problem? Yes, but a good problem nonetheless. I've tried possibly every flavor there is to try, I've drank pounds of their mint tea, I've experienced more stellar customer service from Moustafa and his staff, and I've wept. Not really, but it seemed appropriate to say. Having gone to all of the other options around town. It's a very safe bet to say that the hookah outlasts all of these other places by far....I won't stop singing the praises of this place, so GO THERE. Please?

Michelle B.

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